Hello! Thanks for exploring Bobbing for Apples, an online space where I write about all things related to my experiences of food culture, including recipes I enjoy cooking, the odd walk down memory lane and tidbits about travel. I also get to share with you another thing I love to do; photography.

Lauren, South Korea

Me in Gyeongju, South Korea.

Who am I?

I’m Lauren and put simply, I just dig food. I’m a curious nutrition student with a background in photography, studying it for two years at RMIT in Melbourne. I’m a sucker for natural light, texture and rich colour. My food philosophy is based on eating what feels right for your body. I feel strongly about being mindful, creative and joyful in our expression of growing, sourcing, cooking and eating – food!

Where am I?

I grew up on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney in Australia, with a penchant for ripe mangoes and a permanent layer of sand between my toes. In 2011 I moved a little further south to not-so-reliably-sunny Melbourne, where I now happily call home. I started this blog mainly because I love to write, and am a big fan of so many fantastic food blogs around the world.

You can find me regularly snapping away on Instagram as @bforapples and not-so-regularly tweeting on
Twitter as @LaurenSedger (I really must get better at that).

If you’d like to use any of my photographs, a recipe or something I’ve written, I’ll greet you with a smile in my email inbox.  Happy reading, cooking and eating folks!

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther




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